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New Pilots - Frequently Asked Questions

What type of work does AirAssess do?

AirAssess conduct roof inspections across every state and territory in Australia, every day of the year. The vast majority of inspections are of residential and light commercial properties as a result of an insurance claim (e.g. damage to the property after a storm).

How long does it typically take to complete a job?

While some jobs are more complex, our most common type of inspection (residential property) is generally completed within 30-60 minutes.

What type of data/outputs do you require?

We require our pilots to capture high-resolution still imagery (single photos) and an orthomosaic (“ortho”) of each property we inspect. There is no requirement for pilots to do any post-production or processing (e.g. orthos), we take care of that once we’ve received your imagery.

What on earth is an "Ortho"?

An orthomosaic (ortho) is similar to a panoramic photo. It is created by processing (merging) numerous photos together using specialised software to produce a top-down map view of a property or other item of interest. Don't worry, you don't need to do the processing, we just need you to capture the imagery and there are some great apps that help you do this. We'll also help you get it right if you're not familiar with "orthos".

How do I send you my imagery?

Once onboarded, you will be given access to the AirAssess pilot portal. This allows you to see your current/previous jobs, upload images and make notes relating to a particular inspection/job.

How much work can I expect to get?

We are typically engaged to conduct inspections after large storms and other weather-related events. We conduct between 150-300 inspections each week across the country, with the bulk of inspections taking place in ‘storm prone’ areas and metropolitan centres. Given the unpredictable nature of weather, we can’t guarantee any volume of work.

What type of person is best suited to AirAssess work?

The location and volume of AirAssess inspections is highly dependent on weather events as they occur around the country. Due to this fact, we find that the most suitable pilots are those with another source of income or who work with us to complement their existing drone business.

What are the rates?

Rates vary per job for each pilot, depending on your experience, equipment, location, and whether you have your own insurance cover.

Do I need a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) or any formal training?

A CASA issued Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) or QBE endorsed training certificate is required, unless you’re operating as an excluded category pilot with your own insurance policy in place. AirAssess can engage pilots who do not meet this requirement on a case by case basis.

Do I need to have my own drone?

Yes, you must provide your own drone. Our minimum requirement is that your drone is equipped with a 20-megapixel camera (minimum resolution) – e.g. DJI Phantom Pro 4 / Mavic Pro 2. AirAssess distributes DJI products and can assist if you do not meet this requirement.

Do I need my own insurance to work for AirAssess?

While many of our pilots already have insurance policies in place, we understand that this is not the case for everyone. All inspections undertaken by AirAssess must have adequate insurance and this can be provided if required – note AirAssess insurance covers public liability only and does not cover damage to your equipment.

Are there any other requirements?

Unless employed by AirAssess, you will need to have your own business and be able to provide us with an Australian Business Number (ABN). This means that your business will need to submit an invoice in order for us to pay you for the inspection services provided. You must also be a permanent resident of Australia and have a current driver’s licence.

This sounds great, how do I get started?

In order for us to start allocating jobs to you we’ll need to get you onboarded. This process is pretty straight forward and is designed to ensure that you’re adequately prepared for your first inspection. In short, we’ll confirm things like your drone, licence/training, insurance, contact information and your availability. We also require you to complete a ‘demo’ inspection in accordance with our inspection requirements. 

To note, operating under the excluded (<2kg) category you need to complete the excluded notification process with CASA informing them that you intend to operate in this category. This includes RePL holders.

 - See step 2 on this link:

If you have not registered prior we recommend you select every state / territory and use our demonstration flight as your first commercial flight - You cannot operate commercially unless you have an active ReOC OR have registered to operate under the excluded rules. It's fairly simple, should only take you a couple of minutes to complete.

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